Sum Fun

the explosive number game

Get ready to have a blast

More vivacious than Sudoku, more satisfying than matching candies, and more relaxing than reading the news. Sum Fun is an ideal way to take a break, and boost your brain at the same time!

Sum Fun is a brain-training mobile game, great for all ages. You win by blasting numbers from different shaped boards, using a combination of simple sums, and a dash of strategy.

Coming in 2023 to Android and iOS phones and tablets (but no need for you to wait – sign up below & play for free right now!)

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The numbers are in your favour

  • Take your time: pick up, play at your own pace, and put down when you want

  • Fun with friends: challenge your friends (or yourself) to beat your score with the same numbers

  • Volumes of variety: pick your shape (and your strategy) with many choices including: hearts, rockets, robots & more

  • Blow away boredom: endless randomly generated games to keep your brain-training interesting!

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